“Beyond perfection.”

Bonita Tequila was founded based on a simple idea; that by combining modern technology with centuries-old tradition, we could create an ultra-premium tequila unlike anything the world has ever known.

Distilled 5 times, bottled in pure crystal and wrapped in satin, our tequila is an experience of luxury for hip, urban-savvy people who appreciate the finer things in life. Bonita is more than tequila; it is the highlight of an evening with friends, the crown jewel of bottle service at the finest clubs, the exclusive drink of the modern sophisticate.

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Our story.

The company was founded in 2010 by Chris Brown. A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Chris started several successful companies and traveled the world as a commercial pilot before embarking on his mission to create the world’s finest tequila.

The Bonita Spirits Company had an opportunity to send Xzibit one of the bottles from their very first production run. Xzibit (Alvin Joiner) is a multiplatinum recording artist, actor and television personality, born in Detroit, Michigan, where he began rapping at a young age.

In 1992 Xzibit moved to Los Angeles, California to begin his music career, and became a major contributor to underground hip hop on the west coast through his affiliation with the Likwit Crew. He went on to build a solid career with projects alongside such big names as Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Already well established and critically acclaimed, Xzibit was recruited by famed producer Dr. Dre to join the all-star cast of Dre 2001(1999). He released a new album every two years following his 1996 debut album, “At the Speed of Life,” until “Full Circle,” which was released in October 2006.

An accomplished actor and television host, he can also be seen in films like 8 Mile (2002), Derailed (2005) and XXX: State of the Union (2005). He currently stars as a designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

When he received the first sample of Bonita, Xzibit was immediately blown away by what we had created. The tequila was amazing, the packaging was beautiful and dynamic, and the brand was perfect.

He knew at that moment that he had to make Bonita his own. Bonita needed to become the tequila to define a new generation of hip, urban-savvy consumers who enjoy luxurious and artisan products with a modern flair.

Xzibit and Chris Brown are now partners in Bonita Tequila. They share the responsibility of getting the Bonita brand out to the world.

Together they have created the first tequila in the world to undergo a 5x distillation process, followed by a proprietary 3x cold-filtration method that produces the smoothest, cleanest sipping tequila in the world. Bonita Platinum is 100% organic, hand-bottled in pure crystal, and accented with a satin black tie – a hint to the luxury that lies within.

They are united in their mission to make Bonita Tequila an experience of luxury and sophistication – redefining ultra-premium tequila, one sip at a time.

What Makes Bonita Different?

Our product is anything but average tequila. Aside from the hard work and dedication to luxury that goes into each bottle, here are a few things that set Bonita apart…

  • Bonita is one of a select group of celebrity-owned spirits in the world. While many fine spirits have celebrity endorsements, very few actually have celebrity ownership.
  • Our agave is grown in the Central Lowlands – Jalisco, Mexico – using environmentally sustainable, organic farming methods. Our agave is grown for a full 10 years, rather than the standard 8, giving Bonita a mature sweetness.
  • We use only traditional stone ovens to slow roast our piñas for 96 hours, a full 24 hours longer than standard tequila production.
  • The fermentation and distillation tanks are stainless steel, allowing no impurities to come in contact with our spirit and taint its flavor. We ferment Bonita for 96 hours – again, a full 24 hours longer than standard production.
  • Bonita is the first tequila in the world to be distilled five times. The best competitor only distills their product three times.
  • We then filter our tequila three times using a proprietary cold-filtration process to ensure the highest quality. Most tequilas are only filtered once.
  • Our crystal decanter and elegant packaging set us apart from other tequilas bottled in glass. Each bottle is hand-numbered and filled in our distillery in Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase Bonita?

A: Bonita Tequila is available wherever fine spirits are sold. Watch for us in your local area as we expand, or visit our website for an interactive map of all locations (coming soon.)

Q: Why is Bonita distilled five times?

A: When a spirit is distilled, its essence is captured and concentrated. Each round of distillation further purifies a spirit, increasing the complexity and smoothness of the end result. Bonita is distilled five times – twice more than any other tequila – to achieve a smoothness and purity that no other tequila could attain.

Q: Is Bonita aged?

A: No. A Blanco/Platinum tequila is never aged more than 60 days, if they are aged at all. This allows the spirit to capture the freshest and smoothest flavors of the agave. Bonita does not currently plan to release a Reposado (partially aged) or Añejo (fully aged) tequila.

Q: Should I use lime and salt or make margaritas with Bonita?

A: While we leave that up to the discretion of our discerning consumers, we believe that Bonita is best savored straight as sipping tequila. The delicate and unique flavors of our product would be lost in most mixed drinks. Thankfully, due to our distillation and filtration processes, there is no need to hide the flavor with other ingredients.

Q: Is Bonita Tequila organic?

A: Yes. Our tequila is organic, meaning that the growth and production of our product meets the highest standards for organic farming and production. Our product is completely free of glycerin, artificial colors, pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals – just 100% natural agave, yeast, and pure spring water.